Why is it that we can have a great front 9 in golf, then a card wrecking back 9? The same reason you could be on a hot winning streak on the Roulette machine, then, all of your chips are gone!

The averages caught up with you…

If you continue to play against the odds then eventually those decisions are going to result in ‘losing’. Losing a ball, losing a hole to your opponent, or losing all of your chips!

So, how do you beat the odds in golf and ensure your scores are reduced and thus your handicap?

You measure your golf to understand what ‘good’ and ‘bad’ is for your own game and begin to play within your current limits, and potentially alter your expectations.

Off the course you can begin to improve these good and bad areas with a plan which you can measure…

If you aren’t improving.. change the approach. But, if you are improving then you have positively influenced your game. Awesome!

It’s also an easy way to get ‘one up’ on the other club golfers which aren’t measuring their golf… Which most aren’t!

So what things can you measure to be useful?

  • Tee shot success – did you get into trouble or did you have many options to choose your next shot?
  • Greens in regulation – did you manage to have a putt for birdie (or 3 stableford points relative to your handicap)
  • How was your putting performance compared to your average putting performance? (you will know this once you start to collect data)
  • Did you lose any golf balls?
  • Where did you lose those golf balls? Is there a pattern you notice when losing them?
  • Did you go in any hazards?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to stats, but the more you know about your game… the more you can play the odds and continue to win!

I have taken a lot of the work out for you… enter your details below to download my Performance Scorecard which is an easy template to use on the course!