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Golf is a fascinating game, it’s both highly addictive yet agonisingly frustrating at times. It’s a sport that doesn’t need over complicating, yet too often it’s over complicated.

I love to make the game simpler for my clients by helping them to problem solve and understand what is going wrong. Therefore creating greater consistency and lowering scores. This is possible because at Matt Spencer Golf you will learn why things happen and how to correct them, as well as how to use your practice time effectively.

About me

Individual Coaching

Learn one-2-one with Matt during your own private tuition

Group Coaching

Train within a group socialising with like minded golfers

Personalise Programs

A clear vision how we will work towards accomplishing your goals

On Course Lessons

Transferring skills and identifying areas of improvement on course


Video analysis, 3D Technology and a training space within an app on your phone

Free Introduction

Come and meet Matt first with an introductory assessment

Your Golf…

I believe most golfers haven’t been educated on HOW to practice most effectively. Because of this practice can become un-engaging and less effective. I want to coach as many golfers as possible some more simple and transferable skills that can help to take your game to the course.

My Promise

When enrolling you will receive a programme designed around your ability, time constraints and golfing goals.

Everybody that is new to Matt Spencer Golf receives something FREE, however what you receive depends on what you require.

  • Beginner Golfers receive a FREE taster lesson in person
  • Current Golfers receive a FREE game assessment session on course

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At Matt Spencer Golf your programme…

Will give you a clear guide on WHAT area of your game to practice, HOW to practice it and WHY you are practicing it.

You may be a total beginner interested in learning a new sport, a business professional who is missing out on fantastic networking opportunities, or perhaps a current golfer just wanting to gain or lower a handicap.