Online Personal Programme

“Matt was always coming up with new drills and ways for me to improve and gave me lots of confidence on the course as a whole, the bonus was that my scoring average came down.”​

“For me, being on a programme gave me the opportunity to spend regular quality time on all aspects of my game including mental and strategic as well as the technical elements.”

Joe Fenton, Handicap 4

Every golfer knows that to improve, they need to practice… However, not every golfer knows HOW to practice effectively and WHAT they need to practice to reach the next level. That’s what you receive with an Online Personal Programme

Your online personal programme will be designed specifically to take you through a learning process towards whatever your goal might be. Because truly improving something takes time and a process, the only online coaching option available is a personalised programme.

There are hundreds of excellent online coaches making fantastic improvements with golfers all around the world.

Within your programme you will still receive technical help and alterations when necessary, but with the addition of how to use that practice time efficiently including drills, challenges and more engaging tasks that just standing on a range beating balls.

What is an Online Personalised

Monthly Plan

30 day customised practice plan designed to utilise your time


Your plan is built upon the answers you give in the ‘You & Your Golf Game Analysis’

Personal Zone

Your own log in area online where your drills and challenges are accessible


Challenges will be scored so you can assess improvements and discuss with Matt


Swing changes will be made when required with video analysis feedback and unlimited check ups during the 30 days


Unlimited communication with Matt about your golf during the 30 days

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