Creating Success…

What does success look like to you?

Your answer likely includes the word consistency in some form. This is very natural but we must first establish the root causes for the inconsistencies in your game, before taking a structured approach to ensuring changes definitely happen.

The golf swing is a habit and like changing any habit, we must consciously make changes to over-ride what the body has been used to do for so long.

This isn’t as simple as taking on information and then it just working, which is why the approach of watching youtube videos, has probably not worked thus far.

You will learn how to break it down into manageable chunks then slowly piece it all together.

Based on 22 reviews
Ian McCreddie
Ian McCreddie
Hi Matt really enjoyed the lesson . All I have to do now is put it into practice . Technology really helped , but it would mean nothing without your coaching and advice. Thanks again
Oliver Bendle
Oliver Bendle
I’m currently having regular lessons with Matt and seeing significant changes with my golf swing. Very clear in his directions and coaching
Jesse South
Jesse South
Had a great lesson with Matt yesterday and I’ve already booked another 4!
brian lewsley
brian lewsley
Very good lesson. I thoroughly recommend Matt
Abbie Bensted
Abbie Bensted
I have had a series of lessons with Matt now and he has been a great coach with good delivery and lots of technical knowledge. I came to him lacking confident in my irons, and within 1 session he identified the problem and adapted my swing in order to fix this. His teaching points were not generic, but relevant to me and the way I swing and hit the ball. Much more helpful than the YouTube videos I’ve been watching… 🤣 Looking forward to our future sessions and developing further parts of my game.
Jonny D
Jonny D
As is the case with every lesson I've had with Matt, his instruction is clear and concise. Most importantly he has always been able to quickly identify the underlying causes of the faults in the swing (not just the symptoms) and therefore by adressing the issue directly with simple to understand fixes i was able to greatly improve on my technique and reduce the miss-hits. Would highly recommend. 👍
eileen potts
eileen potts
Enjoying a series of refresher lessons with Matt and finding his knowledge and enthusiasm really helpful. Making good progress thanks to his expertise. Very happy to recommend.
Rob Moretto
Rob Moretto
Great lesson with Matt, clear and simple instructions, looking forward to the next one.
Leon stewart
Leon stewart
Would highly recommend Matt for golf coaching. Clear and concise, with easy to follow instructions. Explains exactly what is needed and why. Also Matt thinks outside the box, I was very impressed.
BSRAUK Marketing Committee
BSRAUK Marketing Committee
Thank you for the lesson last week. It really helps to readjust positions or movements from time to time. I'am practising tomorrow ! but in the meantime Matt is really good at showing you what you need to work on.

Ad hoc lessons…

If you have a particular pain point in your game then your best route is to book some initial private lessons in, then we can manage how much further support you require, as you begin to progress.

These can be booked easily by clicking the button below. You can then add comments on the booking page with information about what you would like to work on specifically.

Personalised Programmes…

If you are looking for more support, long term improvements and take your game to the next level, then we should explore a Personalised Programme.

This includes:

  • Structured coaching times locked into the diary in advance
  • A stats service to monitor your game
  • Full support outside of lesson times
  • A supervised practice session every week
  • Access to coaching apps where further support is available.

If you are interested in this approach then you can click the button below to complete some questions and I will then reach out to you.

My goals during your coaching…


To identify what success looks like and begin the journey


To make you feel supported throughout


To provide you with solutions to problem solve


To improve the bad ‘stuff’ & increase consistency


Education on how to utilise your time best


To provide accountability for practice if you need it

“Having retired at the end of 2017, my target for 2018 was to get my current handicap (12) down to single figures. I therefore booked in to a package of lessons with Matt Spencer in order to improve my technique and was down to single figures (9) by the end of January.

There’s no doubt that my game has been improved by the combination of expert coaching coupled with having the time to practice. Matt is excellent at identifying areas where he can add value whilst leaving other things alone”

Eddie Brunyee, Handicap 9

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