Private Coaching

My approach to coaching

During a lesson with me, you can expect a full explanation of why you are having trouble gaining consistency. I’m someone that loves to understand how things work, and therefore my approach when coaching is to pass that knowledge on.

I believe that you need to understand your tendencies and then we work together to explore your best options for change, as opposed to you just being told what to change with little explanation.

Your swing will have adapted over time to compensate for faults, so we will dig deep to discover the root cause and tackle that head on, un-ravelling the many swing thoughts likely scattering your mind.


I am fascinated about how we work as humans, so you can expect some conversations about how change actually happens and what it takes to build new habits into the swing.

My interests on a lesson dive far deeper than just technique. It’s more about the human in front of me and how I can help you as an individual.

Based on 21 reviews
Oliver Bendle
Oliver Bendle
I’m currently having regular lessons with Matt and seeing significant changes with my golf swing. Very clear in his directions and coaching
Jesse South
Jesse South
Had a great lesson with Matt yesterday and I’ve already booked another 4!
brian lewsley
brian lewsley
Very good lesson. I thoroughly recommend Matt
Abbie Bensted
Abbie Bensted
I have had a series of lessons with Matt now and he has been a great coach with good delivery and lots of technical knowledge. I came to him lacking confident in my irons, and within 1 session he identified the problem and adapted my swing in order to fix this. His teaching points were not generic, but relevant to me and the way I swing and hit the ball. Much more helpful than the YouTube videos I’ve been watching… 🤣 Looking forward to our future sessions and developing further parts of my game.
Jonny D
Jonny D
As is the case with every lesson I've had with Matt, his instruction is clear and concise. Most importantly he has always been able to quickly identify the underlying causes of the faults in the swing (not just the symptoms) and therefore by adressing the issue directly with simple to understand fixes i was able to greatly improve on my technique and reduce the miss-hits. Would highly recommend. 👍
eileen potts
eileen potts
Enjoying a series of refresher lessons with Matt and finding his knowledge and enthusiasm really helpful. Making good progress thanks to his expertise. Very happy to recommend.
Rob Moretto
Rob Moretto
Great lesson with Matt, clear and simple instructions, looking forward to the next one.
Leon stewart
Leon stewart
Would highly recommend Matt for golf coaching. Clear and concise, with easy to follow instructions. Explains exactly what is needed and why. Also Matt thinks outside the box, I was very impressed.
BSRAUK Marketing Committee
BSRAUK Marketing Committee
Thank you for the lesson last week. It really helps to readjust positions or movements from time to time. I'am practising tomorrow ! but in the meantime Matt is really good at showing you what you need to work on.
Rosanne Fine
Rosanne Fine
Matt always takes time to explain the basics My friend & I had an hour lesson on bunkers & chipping Really helpful ,would recommend

Video Analysis

Clear before and after visuals available on private lessons, making it easy to understand the desired changes.

These can be stored into your own private locker on a coaching app that you will have access to.

A private locker

You will have the option to use an app which provides your own personal area to log notes, videos and pictures of any changes we make over time and during your own practice sessions.

This is important to help you retain as much information as possible, because the reality is that over time you will forget key points that can affect your performance.

I would recommend starting your practice session by looking back over any videos or notes.

This can remind you of the changes you need to make, ensuring you maximise your practice time!


Understand clearly what is causing your inconsistency


Implement the changes and see more consistency


Understand the roadmap to gaining more confidence


Learn how to transfer it to the golf course


See the before and after, to validate technical changes


Leave knowing exactly what you need to practice

Check Availability & Book A Lesson

To check availability or book your lesson straight away, you can click the button below and lock your desired time in.

If you cannot find an appropriate time, please contact me using the contact page and there may be something I can do.

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