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“Having retired at the end of 2017, my target for 2018 was to get my current handicap (12) down to single figures. I therefore booked in to a package of lessons with Matt Spencer in order to improve my technique and was down to single figures (9) by the end of January.

There’s no doubt that my game has been improved by the combination of expert coaching coupled with having the time to practice. Matt is excellent at identifying areas where he can add value whilst leaving other things alone” 

Eddie Brunyee, Handicap 9

New clients to Matt that already play golf are recommended to book in an initial Game Assessment on the course.

During this you will play 3-4 holes whilst Matt watches and gets to know both yourself, your game and your goals better. No technical changes are made on the session itself as the most important thing is that Matt sees your game where it really matters, on the course.

Following the session you will have a clear guide on what Matt recommends moving forwards, to achieve your goals.


Constant support and communication with Matt outside of lesson times


Receive a clear pathway for how to reach your desired goals


Video analysis and 3d coaching equipment available to enhance learning experience


WHAT is letting your game down, WHY it is and HOW it will be fixed


Opportunity to learn and train with like minded golfers in a social environment


Taking changes and learnings from the practice area and make them work on the course

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